A Promise of Freedom

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A Real Plan of Action

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A Way In Together

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A New View from Above and Beyond

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Sober Living in Portland Maine

Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living in Portland Maine serve men from all areas of the United States. We lay the foundation for clean, sober, and meaningful living through a combination of compatible addiction recovery practices.

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Overcome a life of active addiction

We utilize a wide range of proven methods to bring about lifelong abstinence and emotional wellness in our residents. Licensed mental health and addiction clinicians work with our residents and Staff to ensure that each individual’s psychological needs are met. Individual Care Plans are developed and tracked through team-based case management. The heart of Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living Program is a thorough immersion into 12-Step recovery work, as it is a proven model for successful addiction intervention and catalyst for wellness living.

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Grow and thrive in a structured environment

Our Staff and affiliates hand-walk each resident through their new lives and recoveries from concepts into action. Residents in the first Stage find a sense of stability and safety while working through their first 5 Steps of a 12-Step Program of recovery. Once established, our men are shown how to bring new vital ideas into practice with the benefit of clinical and Staff supervision. Practical Life Skills coaching enables men to re-enter the workplace or academia with the confidence and humility that their recovery program affords them.

Our Program Rules and Developmental Stage Plan keep our residents safe and active throughout their residencies. Every minute has its purpose at our sober living environment. We enable our residents to remain present wherever they are, whatever the circumstances.

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Enter a brave new world…

Skip Murphy’s facilities are seated in the heart of the best recovery community in New England. Portland, Maine is home to over 150 weekly 12-Step fellowship meetings, and Skip Murphy’s introduces its residents to an “All-Star Lineup” of a handful of the most spirited among them. Trustworthy guides within the local recovery community welcome our residents onto a broad path of peaceful sobriety. Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living helps its men connect to and navigate the rich recovery resources that this city offers.

We invite our men to investigate life outside their comfort zones. Our community-building adventure outings expose residents to spaces and activities that challenge their ideas about what our world has to offer. If recovery weren’t exhilarating, we doubt that anyone would stay in it.

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And experience a true homecoming.

Skip Murphy’s makes every effort to make coming to its attractive and comfortable residences feel like coming home. Our program is designed to give you or your loved one the best possible chance at making lifelong sobriety a reality.

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Life is right here! Expand Your Horizons.

Life is right here. Expand Your Horizons.
Call Now: 207-245-1867