The Roots of Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living

Mission Statement

It is our mission to guide men out of chronic drug and alcohol addiction with compassion and proven addiction recovery methods.

Our Vision

To give men and their families the necessary life skills and recovery tools to enter the fold of wellness living.

About Joe Riley, Skip Murphy’s Founder

Massachusetts native Joe Riley founded Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living for Men in 2009. After years of struggling with failed attempts at staying sober, Joe learned to carry the tools and principles that the 12 Steps offer into his daily life and his horizons widened. Joe learned how to live a productive and life with purpose and direction.

Joe’s days are no longer a struggle — they are a joy filled by helping other addicts, alcoholics, and their families. The 12 Steps not only treated his alcohol and drug problem — they treated his life problem.

Joe came to realize that there is a great need in the community for a structured 12 Step environment where men could learn how to live a life of recovery from safe, secure quarters.

Such a community needed to be based on the spiritual principles that had saved Joe’s life. Joe’s newfound ability to deliver a time-tested method of recovery led to the founding and organic growth of Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living for Men.

Who is Skip Murphy?

Skip Murphy is Joe Riley’s late grandfather, a native of South Boston, Massachusetts. Skip taught Joe the importance of family and community – virtues which Joe earnestly incorporates into the sober living program he offers to addicted individuals.

Skip Murphy had passed away before Joe recovered from his disease, but his principled love lives on in the program and sanctuary of Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living.