A Word from Our Founder

After many years of active addiction along with approximately thirty-five trips to various treatment centers, throughout the country and few tours to the local & state correctional facilities, I found myself without hope. When it came to my own personal recovery, I was at a loss. I had seen other people stay clean, but I was starting to feel like I was the exception. Why I could not recover?

Quite often I told myself lies such as, “I stopped going to meetings”, or “I got off my medications to soon”, or even “I was hanging with the wrong crowd”. These are all common misconceptions that I would cling to and tell my family when they asked, “What happened, you were doing so good?”

The truth was, I had no idea what was really needed in order to recover from my alcoholism and addiction.  I would tell myself things like “I stopped working my program”. That statement alone should be a red flag for anyone. My program doesn’t work. My program never worked. My program will never work.

You see, my program consisted of spotty employment, obsessively going to the gym seven days a week, dating sick and vulnerable women, and going to meetings here and there for the shear purpose of filling a requirement of whatever halfway house I was living in at the time.

It wasn’t until I found a group of recovered alcoholics and addicts who were willing to show me precisely how to live a 12-step program. It was then that I finally found a new way of life, and learned to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Having found this new way of life, I decided to enroll in a drug and alcohol-counseling program where I could better learn how to help others in a clinical setting. I wanted to take my new education along with my 12-step experience and life experience as a client, and combine these assets to create a program that I would have wanted to attend.

Skip Murphy’s has become an eclectic program of action based on this combination of experiences and education that I have gained over the years. It is my hope that for the addict and alcoholic that honestly wants to get better, and are willing to take the action necessary to do so, we may have the privilege of guiding them on their journey.

Sincerely Yours,

Joseph C. Riley, LADC

Founder and President