Portland Maine Recovery Community

If you’re seeking a solution to drug and alcohol addiction in Portland, Maine, you’re in good company.  The Portland Maine recovery community has become a Mecca over the last two decades, hosting over 150 weekly 12-Step meetings and annual sober conferences such as Fellowship Of The Spirit. Cocaine Anonymous, a popular hybrid of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, holds more meetings per capita in our area than in any other except for California, the fellowship’s birthplace. Over 25 sober living houses call Portland, Maine home.

These statistics may lead one to imagine a local response to a local crisis; on the contrary, we and our neighbors in recovery proudly offer a real solution to a national crisis. Sixty-five percent of our clientele come from outside of Maine, and many of our graduates stay to build new lives in this recovery-friendly city. Portland, Maine stands at the forefront of a movement toward personal wellness for people who seek it from all corners of the country.

About Portland

Farmland, skyscrapers, and busy Atlantic waters converge at Portland, Maine. Breathtaking sights aside, it’s a sense of ‘togetherness’ that makes our community of 204,000 people so inviting to visitors. Portland’s official motto, Resurgam (or, “I will Rise Again”), refers to fires that demolished our city on Independence Day 1866. Today, the stone streets of Portland are home to creative forces from all artistic disciplines and industrial markets. Easy access via I-95, Portland International Jetport, and open waterways make Portland a hub of culture and commerce.

Our city proves to be a place for many to create new, substantial lives. Travel reviewers have long called Portland, Maine “New England’s best-kept secret”, but the Downeaster Amtrack train and growth in industry and living standards have made our city unavoidable to wandering eyes. A clear trend arises: More and more people come to Portland for college or lobster and seaside shopping and stay for the robust infrastructure, vibrant culture, variety of work, and neighborly atmosphere that are unique to this place.