Addiction Support Programs


Our addiction support programs at Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living combines 12-Step and holistic practices to bring about sustainable recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We utilize the best methods and resources available to get our residents on their feet and moving while taking each individual’s needs into account. Skip Murphy’s commits to ‘meet you where you’re at’ and to connect its residents to long-term structure with accountability. We work closely with our men and their families to guide each resident to a place of safe and secure independence.

1. 12-Step Recovery

12-Step recovery immersion is the soul of our overall program. We connect our residents with 12-Step recovery concepts, fellowships, sponsors, and service opportunities. Residents are expected to begin making 9th Step amends by the end of their stay at Skip Murphy’s.

2. Counseling

Staffed and licensed mental health/addiction counselors facilitate individual and group counseling to support our men through their recovery process. Our clinical team works alongside, and not counter-to, the 12-Step method employed by our other affiliates.

3. Individual Recovery Support

Our Individual Support Staff tracks each individual’s progress throughout his residency, intervening as necessary to keep him on a successful path. Our staff works to motivate and celebrate positive choice-making among our residents on a personal level.

4. Life Skills

We set our residents up for successful living outside of the sober house environment. Local financial and staffing institutions regularly conduct budgeting and resume-building classes at our facilities while our staff helps our residents follow through with plans and tasks necessary for a life in good standing.

5. Expanding Your Horizons

Recovery and addiction support programs are only partly an inward-looking venture. We expose our residents to unique cultural, spiritual, and recreational experiences that offer new vantage points from which to see life clean and sober. The residents at Skip Murphy’s may tour an acclaimed art museum, meditate with Buddhists at a nearby temple, go indoor rock climbing, or paddle board in the Casco Bay. Wherever we’re headed, we pack up the vans and go in hopes that each one of us might return with a bigger, brighter or altogether different picture than that which we left with.

6. Sobriety Assurance

All residents are frequently tested for drug and/or alcohol use throughout their residencies. Our staffed technicians process samples daily to ensure the safety and sobriety of the resident as well as the community.

7. To the Family

We know that reintegration into a healthy family environment is an important part of an individual’s recovery from addiction. The recovery principles we promote can be just as beneficial to family as to the addicted individual. Staff helps residents’ families to learn proper support and to establish healthy boundaries during and after a stay at Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living.