Sober Living and Addiction Rehab Aftercare

Skip Murphy’s offers an organized after care program to all residents who complete the Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living program. The after care program is designed for residents to practice using the skills they obtained while in the Skip Murphy’s Structured Sober Living home while they transition into the mainstream of society.

During the transition from a structured environment to independent living, individuals often need added support in order to reinforce the importance of implementing their new skills into daily living. Those who do not find the appropriate resources, often fall back into their old routine, and eventually out of recovery. Often, a person in early recovery can be blindsided without the observation of an objective viewpoint. Skip Murphy’s after care program will provide the individual with support and accountability, two essential components of the 12-Step program of recovery, which are vital to individual growth and recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

The after care program is individually tailored to the specific needs of each resident. Each individual will have an extensive evaluation and assessment that will determine the goals and structure of their monitoring services. The program is dynamic and is designed to develop and grow with the individual throughout three monitoring phases. Each phase is customized to maximize the success of the individual. For example, Phase I may look like weekly one-on-one meetings, two phone calls per week and four random drug tests per month. Phase II will transition to one bi-weekly one-on-one meeting and one phone call per week. The drug testing would decrease to three times per month. Phase III will incorporate less scheduled meetings, encouraging individual accountability. The phases will be adjusted according to individual progress.

Monitoring Features

  • One-on-one meetings
  • Random drug/alcohol screening through urinalysis and breathalyzers
  • 12-Step support and guidance
  • Monitoring of patients recovery status, program commitment, meeting attendance, sponsorship contact and service commitment
  • Two monthly family updates
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Resource, planning and referral
  • Contact/communication with sponsors
  • Support for re-entry in employment and/or education

To enroll in the after care program, the resident and family must meet with a Skip Murphy’s representative to evaluate the resident’s needs and determine goals. A contract and proper releases will be signed. The contract term must be a minimum of six months in order to assure the best possible chance for long-term recovery.